Monday, 22 October 2012

Beautiful Neon Fashion

I know neon might not be bang on trend atm with all the gothic inspired spikes, studs and crosses but I still love it!!

I will blog again soon about my design work too.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Geometric Landscapes

My love of geometrics seems to never be ending, and I came across these beautiful geometric landscape prints by Emma Williams, there so cool and cute check them out and more at :

Friday, 3 August 2012

New Website...

Iv'e just completed my new Website!! wooo, very exciting. So this new website has all of my previous designs, my latest designs, photography and all information about me. Hopefully this will be really good for me and I will keep updating it as I do even more design work.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Turner Bianca...

So I haven't been posting anything lately and this is mainly down to the fact that I have taken two weeks out to do a work placement with Turner Bianca. My two weeks were amazing, I of course did the normal things that every placement person does but I was also given some great opportunities to design things such as, beach towels for Debenhams and more for BHS. The company was a great eye opener and showed me many things, the company is a world leader in home textiles. My time there was really great and I have learnt so much from the company I only hope that I could go back some time soon and work with them again.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Degree show part 2.... the knit and weavers...

As well as the printers I also tried to get some images or the knitters and weavers work. (Sorry if not all are pictured here)

Sophie Watson

Lauren Mcnicholl

Gabriella Sitori

And the knitters...

Nikki Jones and Hannah Porter

Ruby King and Sophie Ho

And a few Embroidery faves thrown in for good look :)

Heather Tribe

Katy Stoor

Once again these girls have worked really hard and deserve all the best.

Degree Show part 2... the printers...

As well as my work in the previous post here is some work of the girls on my course, I tried to get a good mix of work, knitter, printers and weavers. (apologies if some images aren't totally clear) Firstly some of the printers (sorry everyones not on it)...

Emma Alviti

Ellie Brown

Kate Berry

Rachel Clayton

Sophie Franks

Rebecca Hennigan

Anna McGilp

Annabel Collins

Kelly-Ann Doyle

Louise Whitaker

All these girls have worked extremely hard and deserve all the best.

Degree Show...

Well its finally all over, degree show is now finished and all that is left is results in a weeks time! The degree show was really a mix of emotions, some days with great feedback and some good interest others that weren't as productive. Iv'e had interest in my work from Paul Davey at Lilys Designs, who I will hopefully be doing work for his home as well as some great interest and i'm hoping further work via robertafulford, commercial interior design company. Heres my show, I had work downstairs in the foyer are and upstairs as part of the textiles show.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Hotel Missoni

The second ever hotel Missoni has now been opened and fitted out with all Missoni fabrics and designs and I love it!! its exactly the sort of work i want to be doing. The textiles are beautiful so bright and colourful and really make the hotel 1 in a million. Check out more here: