Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Drawing with thread

Over easter I happend to stumble across a really great exhibition in my local gallery!
The Shire hall Gallery in stafford had a exhibition showing about 6 contemporary textile artists work.

i found some really great new textile artist such as Debbie Smyth who installation using pins and thread was created directly onto the walls

Other artist such as Trevor Smith and Caroline Kirton also exhibited their work.

i was so happy to stumble across this exhibition it even made an appearance in my journal.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Abstract architecture

So obviously my idea and styles of drawing had to come from somewhere, I gained some really great artist research.

I really loved the research I gained for this project and it made me excited again about drawing.

Unit 3

So unit 3 we were set a live brief, this was a bedding project, to be honest my first reaction was disappointment as at the start of the year I have already done a bedding project. i decided to move this project as far away from flowers as I could and went for abstract architecture.

I used my initial photo from london to draw from


I know its been a while since I actually went to London but it needed documenting. The photo that i took for my project are really nice! some great buildings.

Going to be heading back to london in the middle of may to be doing a work placement at Keeler Gordon a whole 3 weeks to be back in London!